The relationship between area and perimeter is explored with a fun real-life situation.

Garfield’s proof of the Theorem of Pythagoras is illustrated.

The Fibonacci sequence and the associated spiral are explored.

A simple linear pattern is explored by cutting up a slab of chocolate.

visualisation of the sum of some interesting square unit fractions.

An interesting visualization that deconstructs multiples of nine.


The VITALmaths and VITALmathsLIC site consists of a databank of short and funky video clips that specifically interrogate the conceptual aspects of a mathematical idea, process or concept. Some of the video clips contain strategic dialogues to encourage appropriate mathematical talk and conversation.
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SANDBOXmaths is a collection of more experimental video clips done by students in their mathematics teacher-training classes and researchers wishing to use specific video clips in their teaching and research.

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The APPLETmaths site consists of a selection of GeoGebra applets that were developed by students and researchers for their research projects.
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